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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Construction Debris To Be Cleaned Up On Property Near Muskoka Beach Park

Gravenhurst | by Matt Sitler  
Tuesday, a Gravenhurst resident alerted the Town's Mayor to the situation via pictures posted on twitter...

An update on the construction waste dumping on a property near Muskoka Beach Park…

Tuesday, a Gravenhurst resident alerted the Town and its Mayor to the dumping, via pictures he posted on Twitter of clumps of construction waste at the location.

The Town's Mayor Paul Kelly tells us it's since been determined by Town staff that it's on Taboo Resort owned property.

The Mayor said staff met with Taboo's superintendent to determine where it came from & what is to be done with it.

Now the Town has informed Country 102 that the property owner, whether they were responsible for it or not, is being compliant and will be cleaning it as soon as possible if it’s not already.

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