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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Andrew Scheer Asks Tony Clement To Resign From Conservative Caucus

Muskoka | by Matt Sitler  
The Federal Conservative Leader says new information has come to light today....

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has asked Tony Clement to leave the Conservative caucus.

The move comes as Scheer says new evidence has come to light today to suggest the incident in which Clement sent sexually explicit images and video to an unknown party, which was made public yesterday, was not an isolated incident.

Scheer was quoted by CBC News today saying: "there have been numerous reports of other incidents, allegations, so in that respect, I've asked Tony to resign from caucus so he can respond to these allegations."

Scheer confirmed Clement has resigned.

The RCMP have confirmed they are investigating an extortion scenario. Someone is reportedly demanding 50,000 euros or they'll release the Clement images.

In an earlier statement, Clement said he initially thought he had sent the images to a consenting female.

Country 102 spoke with a source at the Parry Sound-Muskoka Conservative Riding Association this morning before Clement's resignation and at that time was told there would be no statement coming from the organization.

We have contacted the association again in light of Clement's resignation from caucus this afternoon.

At this time, no one has responded to our inquiries.

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